Operation: Thanksgiving Day Two


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Did you think this went to the wayside? You're wrong!!!

One of the pluses of only cooking an itty bitty Turkey breast? It takes much less time to cook. Only 2-3 hours (Hopefully)

I have been up since about 5 AM. But, that is mostly because my alarm went off early and I'm working today.

Yes, I will be jugging work AND cooking today. That's pretty amazing isn't it?

So far today, I've been at work since 7 AM (For those that don't know or are new, I work remotely for a company out of Manitoba. Working at home is awesome!)

I've also got texts from several people which made it an awesome morning. I've got to chat with one of my best friend's (And co workers!) Libby.

If you texted me from an Alabama number.....um...yeah. I don't know who you are exactly. I lost many of my contacts a few months ago and some are changed.

But you are apparently Fred Weasley in my phone. Soooo Hi from the beyond!!!!!

Diana: I was quite confused when Leia Organa text me this morning, but I was able to backtrack and figure out who you are....

And I even got a chance to FaceTime with my mom and step father.

We also watched part of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Because I'm all about the cheesy traditions!

Now, I'm finishing up a few work things for the hour and about to get that turkey in to the oven!

And Sami (Who is still in her pajamas despite being told to change a dozen times..is watching Beauty and the Beast)

Stand by for smoke!!!!

12:10 MST

Oh look! Its all nice and brined!

Annnnd I forgot to rinse it.

12: 15 Ohhhh Nice and clean now!

Its like buttah. ..Like buttah!

Actually it IS butter...butter and stock. mmmmmm

I can melt butter with the best of them!

YUM! Butter drenched turkey!!!!

My mother told me that the Butterball's come pre-seasoned.

She lies.

This things was soooo not pre-seasoned.

And for some reason, they don't make Turkey seasoning packages. With the individual seasonings pre measured like a chili package.

I must capitalize on that! How awesome would that be? Just buy a turkey, and next to it in neat little boxes, everything you need to season and cook the turkey (minus the oven)

No worries about running out of Sage or Thyme or....whatever it is you season turkeys with.

Obviously someone hasn't done that for the sake of us less capable cooks....


Ohh look! Seasonings.

I have no idea what I used any more. 

Cook away little bird! Cook away!

12:56 MST Its been in the over for about half an hour or so...I guess I should figure out what else I need to make...

So I am slightly glad I'm cooking my tiny baby turkey.

Because this is Brian's Turkey:

Notice anything strange about it?

Like the fact its WALKING??

And yes, Brian. I stole your photo. Not that you ever read my blog. Do you? 

13:39 MST AW FUUUUUUUU I forgot about potatoes.

Potatoes must be peeled...craaaap.

I always sucked at this. My mom used to get annoyed as all get out having me peel the potatoes. Something about collecting social security by the time I was done? Silly mother...

13:55 OMG Finally done. Took entirely too long to peel those.

Ohh look potatoes. I love potatoes. 

If I had been thinking, I would have just made twice baked potatoes. But obviously I wasn't thinking this whole thing through at all....



Took the Turkey's temp! Not quite ready. Thank goodness

Totally brown and serve. Deal with it. 


Melted butter, stock and celery! YUM!


OMFG Im stuffed. More later.....Turkey coma first


Deal with it.

Ohhh potatoes are done!

I had to do some work about this time, so Sami was ordered to earn her keep mashing the potatoes.

She really is more excited than she looks. 

mmmm butter lots and lots of butter

and sour cream I think. and more butter.

Oh look! Into the oven it goes! Topped with butter
Hey Rachel! I meant to ask you if this dish I got from you was oven safe.
Apparently it is...or we're all going to die.

Baked this for a bit

Oh look! Stuffing!

AND it wasn't even Stove Top. How awesome am I?

Work kid work!

Don't worry, I put the camera down in order to help her put it in the oven supervised.

I'm not that bad of a mother.

All in all it was an okay dinner. I realized I'm not a big fan of turkey. But I always forget that by the next year. . .

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