Snickers Salad

You know, I really don't want to step on people's toes, but to call this a salad? But I guess its better than calling it goop. As I'm not really sure what I would classify it as.

Plus, it does have fruit in it, and dairy. ..and...nuts!

So yes. I guess if you are very liberal with your definitions you can call it a salad.

Moving on, I will give you one guess where I found this recipe.


Of course.

I pinned it a couple weeks ago, however, with N gone, it is extremely difficult to try new recipes because then I end up with this huge dish and no one to eat but myself.

So I wait for chances to thrust my concoctions on to other people.

One such chance arose earlier this week, when I attended a brunch with some of my fellow Key Spouses and command wives.

Now I imagine it wasn't potluck. So arriving with this bowl full of strange goop probably was a huge faux pas, but these women have known me long enough to know that if its awkward and strange, I'm gonna do it!

Although now that might explain the strange look I got....;)

Its pretty simple.

Let me rephrase that, it is insanely simple. Embarrassingly simple.

But I start small. I start small

One day, I may be able to make a cake!

Now that I think about it, most of the things I've made for this group has looked surprisingly goopy-ish

Dump Cake
Cheesecake stuffed strawberries in the fall when strawberries were going out of season...
Sea Salt Nutella cookes
Snickerdoodle Ginger cookies.
Chocolate Chip and mint cookies
Chocolate Chip cookies
Double chocolate chip cookies

and I think there has been a handful of other strange things I've forced upon them (The cookies were actually forced upon unsuspecting deployers. Sooo if you deployed with us over the last year and a half and got strange cookies in your bag...totally me.)

Anyway. I seized upon this opportunity to force these unsuspecting good doers into the role of Guinea Pig! BWAAHAHAHAHA

I promise girls (and whoever else was also subjected to my cooking attempts) once this deployment is over, I will test my recipes first!

Now someone of you are already thinking it.

Why don't you just half the recipe then you can try it on yourself?

Don't even get me started on halving and doubling recipes. Just don't.

Onward and upward...

2ish Granny Smith apples.
8 fun sized Snickers frozen or at the very least chilled
1 tub Cool Whip (I used the extra creamy because I like the red label)

Dice the apples!

(I'm even using a cutting board how spiffy am I? My cooking skills are improving!)

Add to bowl. 

mmmmm apples

Dice the Snickers into bite-ish size chunks. 
This is why the fun sized ones work better. I'm all about the laziness.

This was the hardest part, I thought. Freezing them makes them easier to dice. If you use room temperature ones, the caramel and chocolate gets sticky and all over the place. However, when they're frozen they are a bit harder to slice through. Just use a really good knife. 

Add to bowl!

About this time I ended up running short on time as I tend to do, so I mixed in the cool whip and let it chill while I finished getting dressed. 

And if you read my blog often, you've come to realize I suck at finished photos.

So no, there is no finished photo.

It was white. and chunky and probably not very photogenic...

It turned out pretty okay. I wasn't blown away by it. But then again I believe I'm outgrowing my love for Snickers so that may have something to do with it. 

But if you like Snickers, you will more than likely love this stuff.


  1. Interesting... I wouldn't personally call it a salad though. lmao

  2. There is next to nothing healthful about this "salad." However, I likely would have snacked on the apples. :P

  3. You guys are also operating the assumption that Salad= Healthy. Not all salads are healthy.

    Look at ambrosia salad.


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