Healthy Eating? What is that? - Day 1

So last month, Nate and I made the decision to start eating less processed foods, more vegetables and less red meat. Ew! Why?? 

Because we're both realizing that the last year has done a number on our diet and our health. Adjusting to Arizona, dealing with reintegration, long work hours and crazy amounts of stress has taken a toll on us. But it definitely isn't too late to alter our path. 

So we decided to start making better food decisions. I have never been a fan of diets. For one, I've never really had a need for it. I usually know to burn more calories than I ingest, but 8-13 hours at a computer has really put a damper on that. Also, Nate makes the best Chicken Fried Steak. 

Soooo good. 

Nate is much more on board with this than I am. 

My biggest obstacle so far is the sheer amount of food. 

Sounds crazy, huh?

I usually eat once a day and graze.There have been days I just forget to eat. This is apparently terrible for your metabolism. So I'm working on making healthier choices and eating balanced meals. 

I've been posting my meals throughout the week in an effort to hold myself accountable. (And hoping a nice filter makes me want the food more?) 

Day 1: 

Nate has started making me drink a daily concoction I have named "Mop Water" it is supposedly only hot water with honey and lots and lots of honey. It smells like mop water. It tastes water with wayyyy too much lemon. Apparently this is a healthy thing to start your day with. I like to start my day with whining and mumbling when I see him walking into my office. (Feigning sleep at the computer to get out of it has yet to prove successful) 

Breakfast is something I just have never been a big fan of. It seems way to early to be prepping food and eating and digesting. But alas, people say it's important. 

Breakfast: 8:15am

1 Hard-Boiled Egg
1 Medium Banana
Slice Whole Wheat toast with Strawberry Preserves
1 Bottle Odwalla Orange Juice

HOLY HELL! How do people eat this much food before 9am?? This seriously took me over an hour to eat. But I do love the juice. 

When I was boiling the eggs, I thought I'd be smart and boil 5 or 6 at a time for the week. Turned the eggs on, went upstairs to answer a few emails really quick while they cooked. 

1 email turned into 6, 1 chat turned in 50. Whoops. Only 2 eggs exploded. Not bad.

One day I will even learn how to de-shell eggs. Im pretty sure I lost half the egg in the de-shelling process. 

Lunch: 2:00 PM

Time to eat again!?!?!? But I just ate!

Also, I am pretty sure I spent more time in my kitchen this week than I have in the month prior. 

I found this recipe somewhere on Pinterest. I don't remember where it was and I'm pretty sure I didn't even follow it. Because I suck at following recipes. But I tried to write out how to do this below.


3 large eggs (I use Organic, Pasture-Raised eggs. These are slightly expensive, though. So use whatever you want)

1/2 cup-ish Cheddar Cheese cubed

1/2 cup-ish Turkey  I used Boar's Head Oven-Roasted which I diced up..(Actually just sort of whacked repeatedly with a very sharp knife.)

1-2 cups Broccoli 

1 Whole Wheat tortilla 

1/2 tablespoon butter (Use the real stuff if you can. Margarine is the devil's grease) 

1) Heat pan with butter (without burning it! I failed on that part)

2) Mix Turkey, Cheese, Eggs and Broccoli in a bowl.

3) Once pan is heated, toss in mixture and cook until done. Whatever done means to you. I pulled it when the eggs were cooked. The cheese hadn't melted completely which makes me wonder if I should have shredded it for it to melt quicker. But the slight cheese chunks added some interesting texture. 

4) YAY it's cooked! Now toss it in the tortilla, wrap it up and devour. 

Note: I didn't realize until after I cooked it that it was indeed 2 servings. Im not sure how well it would freeze or store. So I wrapped one up and made Nate eat it, despite the fact he had just eaten a tuna sandwich. Before realizing this I was pretty close to crying at the thought of having to eat the huge amount of filling this makes. But yes. This will make 2 servings. You should probably just eat 1 ;)

I was actually quite happy with this. It was extremely filling and very quick to make. Definitely something I'd eat again. Not sure how healthy it is. But it can't be too bad. 

Dinner: 4:00 PM

So this was about the time I realized that the soup I had planned, was totally not going to work. I looked at the cook time wrong, instead of 2 hours, it had to cook for 6-8 

So I made crockpot Macaroni and Cheese instead. It would have been great if I remembered to keep it plugged in....

So that is Day 1. Nothing crazy, I also didnt get a chance to snack because I was way too full from the Breakfast and Lunch. 

Day 2 brings us more eggs and tuna and a soup that I finally got to make! Come back tomorrow for that!

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