Loft Sales are my anti-drug

I'm beginning to think Loft knows when I've had a rough day at work. 

Without fail, when it's been a particularly rough day where I begin to wonder if I'm in the right business or question if I even know how to do my job, a Loft sale email pops into my inbox. 

It sits there tempting me to load up my cart and accidentally buy clothes that no one will actually see me in other than my husband and cats as I never really leave the house. But I'm quite certain Geordi appreciates my little fashion shows and I know Fawkes enjoys sleeping on the clothes...😒 (He likes satin feeling items and anything black. How very modern. . .)

Currently, Loft has all sale items at 50% off, plus Free Shipping on New Items and purchases over $75. (Which...given the rough day I've been having not difficult to achieve...I lost count of conference calls after the 5th or so) 

Here are some of my picks for you to pick up so I can live vicariously through someone. 

Summer still has a few months here. So I'm always on the hunt for shorts. I practically live in them. I love Loft's shorts because they're not insanely short and the material is comfortable and breathable when it's 120 degrees outside and I'm considering if it's really worth it to go to the store or if I could Amazon Prime things like PopTarts and batteries. (Hint: You can, yo!)

I've noticed my closest is quickly filling with dark colors such as black, greys, and dark blues. So I'm attempting to talk myself into wearing more colors like these bright pink striped shorts or this floral shirtdress. Shirtdresses mean no trousers and everyone can get behind that.

I've been trying to start wearing more accessories. I never really know what to wear so I usually go without. I've started trying to incorporate more layering necklaces. Sometimes I pull it off, sometimes I don't. But I don't think I could go wrong with this Multi strand Drop Pendant Necklace. It's simple enough to pair with a nice top and shorts or dress up with a dress. (Maybe, if I'm wrong please fix me)

What will you pick up? Share with me so I know what to add to my Must have list!

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