Bears, Keys and Going with the Flow

It has been a stressful and tense few months. Between high work stress for both myself and Nate, adjusting to new responsibilities and the natural stress of life, 2018 has been off to a rough start. 
For this year, my focus word has been "Present". Being present in the moment. Enjoying things as they come instead of stressing about what is next and not getting distracted as easily. 
This also means not getting as frustrated as easily. Which can be a struggle. 
A few weeks ago, I took a break from work to run some errands including going to Target to buy a stupid printer. It wasn't even the one I wanted, it's not even that great. But for some reason, I had to buy it and thought it would be a quick trip to Target and back. 
Nothing could go wrong there, right??
Nate didn't have to be in to work until the evening, so he decided to come with me so we could spend some time together. Awesome. That will be nice. 
We go to Target, I grab the stupid printer and we grab a few others things we need when we walk past a display of huge stuffed bears. I love plushes. I know I'm supposed to be an adult, but a plush will always make me smile. I have a small collection that sits in my office that I'm searching for a sofa just for them. (OK, and maybe work naps. . .) 
Nate talked me into buying it because he obviously doesn't understand that is is weird for a grown woman to collect stuffed animals. But whatever. I now have a 4 foot tall bear chilling in my cart. As you do. 

We checked out and as I still do every time, marveled at the ability to pay with my Target card on my phone. This shit will never not be exciting to me. I look forward to never needing my wallet again. 

Now, I am set in my ways. I have very specific systems for everything. When I leave the store, I always open my trunk, place my handbag and keys in the truck, unload my purchases, grab my bag and keys and close the trunk. 

Can you guess where this is going? I forget to tell Nate to watch for my stuff and while I go to put the bear in the car, he decides to be helpful...and close my trunk. 

With my handbag inside the trunk. Which held not only my wallet, but my phone...and my car keys. 

For the car that is currently locked... 

                                                cary elwes eye roll GIF

I stare at him as I'm standing in the middle of the Target parking lot holding a 4 foot tall bear (Mind you, I am only 5 feet tall...) He sees my face and instantly knows what he just did. 

My first reaction is to start laughing. This is my luck. This is why I don't go out. Because things like this always happen to me. I'm a walking disaster magnet. 

So we stand there staring at each other, while I'm trying to juggle this bear around in order to not look like an overgrown kid with her teddy bear and have no idea what to do. 

My first thought is to call an Uber, but of course, my phone is in the trunk. Along with all of my cash, and my credit cards...and my identification. 

We finally logged into my Uber account on Nate's phone and summon an Uber.

Nate is fuming at his mistake meanwhile I can't stop giggling. Because seriously, what else was I going to do? 

We pile into the Uber dragging this damn bear with us and the Uber driver trying not to laugh while glancing constantly in the rearview mirror at the odd situation in her vehicle. 

We get home so I can locate my spare key fob and Nate asks if we need to summon another Uber to get back to my car in the Target car park. 

I stare at him and slowly point at his Jeep sitting in the driveway. 

It just wasn't his day, ya'll. It just wasn't his day. 

Since the stupid bear has been with us this far, I insisted he complete the journey, so we load his ass into the jeep and head back to Target. 

Someone forgot to buckle him in so half way to the store, I see fur flying in the rearview mirror and look back to this

"You're gonna pay" 

Moral of the story? 

Always be willing to laugh at the stressful times. 

And make your husband carry your spare key. 

...and buckle the bear up. 

"I'm in charge now..."

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