Goin' to the chapel...

and we're going to get married! Ducky and I are officially engaged!

After weeks of mysterious behavior, hints of hints and teasing from Mr. Ducky I finally found out what the mysterious surprise was last night.

Let's revisit my original thoughts on what it could be shall we?

1. He is taking us to Washington for Christmas after all. So I can meet his parents and family and best friend.

2. His dad and step mom are coming here for Christmas which is an idea they've thrown around

3. He's going to propose, but we've discussed marriage and I don't see him doing an actual proposal type thing. More of a we've decided this so be it..

4. His sister (whom hates me and we're not on speaking terms with) is going to have me and Sami move in with her during the deployment for some god forsaken reason That would NOT be cool.

5. He's getting back together with one of his exes (Hey, stranger things HAVE happened)

6. He's being deployed sooner than we had planned

7. He got orders.

8. He's getting a sex change operation and wants to be known as Nadine now

9. He's going to have someone move in with us for which he will die if this is it.

10. He's pregnant. 
 And my updated list as of yesterday morning:

1. We're going to one of my favorite restaurants tomorrow called "The Pirate's Table" so that might be it.

2. His dad and step-mom are coming to town, I usually hear from his step mom every couple of days and I've not heard from her since Monday or so.

3. Its a new Wii, I've been going on for a bit about wanting to get a new one...so that might be it

4. I've been wanting a new camera, and that would be small enough to hide in the house

5. Ducky is getting a sex change...Well, OK I love him...her...whatever so I can stick this out for him.

6. He bought me all of the UK versions of Harry Potter (Doubtful as I don't think he knows I want them)

7. He has a secret child he's never told me about...which is possible, but will be....odd.

8. He got orders. I think this is a bit more possible although unlikely (I've been told Ellsworth is a black hole as far as leaving here) But then again his BOP orders are up about the time he returns from deployment

9. They pulled him from deployment, which I don't think he'd be quite this happy about.

10. He's secretly an alien.

Throughout all of this, I have kept a lovely group of ladies advised of what is going on through a military significant other forum that Ducky and I both belong to. They too have come up with some ideas of what it could be:

A teepee
A romantic get-away
An alien sex change
A proposal

Well, despite several people saying it would be a proposal, I never thought that could truly be it. While we have discussed marriage quite extensively, I never thought of him making a big deal of it or ever actually proposing.

Last night, we decided to go to dinner at "The Pirate's Table" here in Rapid City. Which is a lovely, romantic restaurant with a Pirate theme.

I wore a fabulous black silk and chiffon dress Why yes! Of course I have photos :)


We arrive, Ducky opens the door of the car for me. We walk in and they tell us that our table is almost ready.
We are shown our table and Ducky excuses himself to the restroom. We eat and I start to get a bit frustrated because Sami was getting a bit noisy and antsy.

So I decide to order her some dessert and ask for the dessert menu.  They clear the plates away and bring out a crystal plate with greens and fall leaves piled on it. In the center is a small black box.

I was stunned. Next thing I know Ducky is kneeling next to me on bended knee. And asks me to marry him!

After I can catch my breath and stop crying enough to speak. I say yes.

So here is the ring of course!!


So excited!

We're going to have a justice of the peace ceremony in December, and then a bigger ceremony for his family in a year or so in Spokane.

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