This Weekend I...

This weekend was intentionally quiet. Sami and I are still getting into the swing of things so I didn't plan much for the weekend.

Thanksgiving was a quiet affair. I originally had no intention of cooking and was going to take up the local restaurants that are open for those that didn't feel like cooking.

That was until Sami and I went to the commissary and she was freaking out about needing to see the turkeys. So I took her to see the turkeys, and she realizes that it is just dead poultry. (Mom, why do they look like chickens??)

When she realized I had no intention of purchasing dead poultry she had a melt down about the significance of Thanksgiving and how we must give thanks by breaking bread together. I told her that was all well and good and we could do it over steak at Ruby Tuesday, but alas she would have none. So I spent 15 minutes digging through the cold poultry-sicles to find the smallest one possible.

Last year I bought just a turkey breast and roasted that. This year I bought what I thought was a turkey breast similar to last years, but was more dismembered turkey body than breast.

I was able to bribe Sami into going out for Thanksgiving, but the bribe fell through when she woke up begging for a traditional turkey dinner after our Thanksgiving day nap. So I caved, like I do, and made turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce and rolls. A whole lot of work for a meal for two. But she enjoyed it and I guess that's what matters.

Friday there was no Black Friday shopping for me, as I had to work bright and early. Sami and I spent the evening watching movies and reading. Because that's what you do.

Saturday was a quiet day of cuddling on the sofa and reading. Capped off with another long nap. (Sensing a trend yet?) I was also able to text an old friend a majority of Saturday. Which is always nice.

I miss friends.

Sunday was supposed to be my day of action. I had a long list of things I wanted to get done for the upcoming week.

But I stayed in bed all morning reading with Sami and spent the afternoon reading and watching movies. No cleaning was accomplished. Nothing.

It was definitely needed. The last few weeks have been hectic and I needed time to unwind and catch up with loved ones.

But now my to-do list is a mile long, I definitely do not have my holiday shopping done, nor are my Holiday cards addressed.

Next weekend is going to be super busy now.

How was your weekend?? Were you productive? Did you do something besides sit around with your nose stuck in a book??


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  1. sometimes you absolutely have to have a low key weekend! I'm glad you were able to let yourself have can be so hard to do.


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