Have you heard of Dressember? I hadn't either.

My friend, Joanna from ModaMama made a post about it yesterday and was kind enough to gently motivate me to join!

That's nice, Christina. Now get to the point.

 What is it? 
It's where you wear a dress every day for the month of December. Some do it for a challenge, some do it to try to re-style different dresses for an entire month and some do it for charity like Joanna. If you buy ad space on her blog before December 10th, she will donate the proceeds to a charity. 

I'm not going to be that brave yet. I will say this first that I may very well not finish the entire month, because that involves thinking in the morning when choosing clothes. Thinking is not my strong point. 

That also involves wearing dresses. Which I've never thought were my sartorial strong point. I suck at accessorizing them and I suck at finding dresses that flatter my figure. (And don't get me started on the Sweater dress breakdowns I've had)

So maybe this will get me to work on this area of my wardrobe. Especially as a majority of my dresses are summer dresses. 

I'm going to link up with Joanna on Saturdays to post my photos from the week. I may even break out my actual camera and tripod to take some instead of my iPhone.  hahaha No. I'm just going to use my iPhone...because that is the easiest way to be lazy. 

Join us!!!! Check out Joanna's blog at ModaMama

Here is Day One:

Lace Top - Vanity -Similar Here  //  Dress - Vanity - Similar Here  //  Leggings - Charlotte Russe
Ring- Target - Similar Here //  Shoes - Toms  //  Necklace - Gift 



  1. Lovely outfit! I esp love the TOMS silver shoes! :) Gorgeous!! ♥ Been meaning to get one myself!

    New follower here!

  2. I definitely need to buy more dresses. I don't really own too many and I never wear them casually. Always more to dress up.
    I like your style!



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