Weekend Shenanigans

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Sami's Shenanigans

I enjoy leading a very quiet life. Mostly because I don't like people crowds. And because I live in South Dakota. (Seriously, why is this a state?)

So my weekends are relatively calm. Last week I spent it running around due to dance recitals. But that is extremely rare. 


Guess what I did on Friday!! I worked. As usual. Because I lead a thrilling life, no?

Pretty normal Friday getting ready for a project launch , wrapping up the week and all around kicking ass and taking names, yo. 

And then this tweet comes across my feed: 

And my stomach drops. As my baby brother attends Santa Monica College and the last time he spoke he mentioned finals. . . 

So I do what any normal crazy person does and checked his FB to see if he had updated to say "Yo I'm good!"

Which he hadn't.  (Note to self: Remind brother that he has a million ways to communicate with me that he is in fact not dead and to use them or else he will be. Seriously. We have texting, Skype, FB, Twitter, PHONES, smoke signals the works) 

So I text him. And start looking at flights to LAX because I'm not prone to overreaction or anything like that.

I text my mother and probably shave a good 10 years off her life as I simply say "There was a shooting at Jason's college. I know he had a final on campus today. But I can't get ahold of him. Have you?"

I'm not known to sugar coat things I guess. 

I finally hear back from him and we have a strange interaction about his final. (Because only my brother would be worried about his final when his school is on lockdown because of an alleged shooting spree. Sign of the times or sign of my brother's quirkiness?)

After my heart stops racing and my bank account breathes a sigh of relief. I run to the commissary for groceries. As that's the thing to do on a Friday night in the summer. 


Saturday I woke up with the beginning shadows of a cluster headache. Knowing I will be of no use to anyone once it hits and will in fact be a blubbering mess, I put on clean pajamas, close the blinds, add blankets and pillows to the sofa, stock the table with everything I need and Sami and I curl up for a day on the sofa with Doctor Who and cuddles. 


Sunday I felt much better and decided to get out of the house for a bit. 

I promise I'm not naked.And excuse the lack of make up :S

Sami and I grabbed brunch at Tally's Silverspoon an awesome little restaurant in downtown Rapid City.  Since it was not the usual Hurricane force winds outside, we chose to sit on the sidewalk seating and eat. It was an awesome meal and it's definitely one of my favorite places in Rapid City. 

I also took the time to lament the lack of sun on my shoulders. Irish heritage represent! 

After brunch, we walked around downtown. Well, as much walking around as you can do on a Sunday in a town everything is closed on Sundays. I may dislike a lot about this station, but I do have to admit that downtown Rapid City is gorgeous. Not much architecturally wise has changed in years so it has a very nice retro feel to it. We walked around the streets and Art Alley for a bit before winding up back at  Main Street square. Where I stopped in my favorite local bookstore Mitzi's. 

They didn't have the book I was looking for so I settled on "Revenge wears Prada: The Devil Returns"  by Lauren Weisberger and some new tea. 

We swung by Who's Toy Store which is one of Sami's favorite places in the world (Cause they encourage you to play with everything)

And of course we had fun with the carnival mirrors

OMG I'm tall AND skinny!

One more stop at Dakota Thyme for a French baguette (Cause they cook crack into them, they're that good) and we decide its time to leave. 

Since I was feeling indulgent, we stopped and got Sami an ice cream cone. Cause that's what you do when you're buttering up your 7 year old!

The rest of the afternoon was quiet. Sami worked on her Summer Learning program and played and I curled up in the chair with this

mmmm carbs.
(When I posted this on Twitter, I got a few questions about the red thing. I thought it was self explanatory but it's a tea cup with a lid. The handle is just turned towards the back.)

I finished the book that evening and Sami and I made sandwiches for dinner and watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. 

Definitely one of my favorite ways to spend the evening!

How was your weekend? Don't forget to link up with Sami's Shenanigans! 

Stay Tuned! Coming up on the blog (at some point) is my Tampa Florida and Disney World vacation recap!


  1. So....how do you drink out of that cup?

    1. The top is a lid :) You put your tea bag in, poke the string (or in this case the leaf part) through the hole. And you can steep your tea without taking off the lid. Take the lid off and it's a normal tea cup. And you put the tea bag on the little red tray so it doesn't make a mess


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