Connectivity Confusions

So Ducky and I moved 1 Jan. (New Year's Eve we spent moving Woo-hoo :doubtful) So we called our cable company a few days before to get them to transfer services. Couldn't do it until the 5th because of whatever reason they pulled out of their asses at the time. OK, no biggie.

They called at 10:00 on the 5th and said that due to the wind, they wouldn't be able to install services and they would be rescheduling us. For today. The 11th. :banghead

Now We don't usually watch a lot of television. And Sami doesn't watch a lot either. But when we are trying to unpack, set things up and get Ducky packed for deployment.. It would have been a Godsend to have something to entertain Sami with since the temperatures have been below zero for over a week now. Not to mention that Sami's playroom is an icebox. So we've been pretty desperate. Plus, we've been using an Intenet card from our Cell provider for Internet access the last couple of weeks to service has been crappy and spotty (highly annoying)

So today we were REALLY excited!

CS: Confused Saigon

The tech guy gets here and looks at my living room and says.

MBM:"Well I won't be able to hook the Internet up because of your door."

CS:":whatever Come Again Mr Magic Box Man?"

MBM:"You have a door here, and your computer is across the door. I can't hook it up"

CS::whatever I shall Stare at you until you make sense"





MBM:"Its a trip hazard"

:whatever" Mr Magic Box Man you are 8 ft tall. If you trip I shall yell Timber."

MBM:"Well, I can't run a cable across a door way. because it could cause you to trip."

"Well Can you run it across the wall where I promise not to try to wall walk?"

MBM:"No, because there is a door"

"But its just a superfluous door. No one uses the door because there is an identical door 3 feet away!"

MBM:"Sorry, No can do. But YOU can run the cable"


SO I walk to the computer and plug the cable in. Walk over to the router across the room and hand him the end of the cable.

MBM: "Thanks!"


So he plugs it in to the router.

Asks if the computer is on. I check that it is. He asks me to check if my browser is working. Its not. So he checks. I plugged the cable in wrong. So he unplugs it, and plugs it into the correct spot.

Then he asks if there are other TVs in the house. Not at this point.

So he asks if I want the cable turned on in any of the other rooms. I ask him to go ahead and turn it on in one of the other bedrooms just in case.

MBM: Do you want it on in the kitchen?


MBM: "No, not many do..I don't know who designed these houses...but they were on crack."

CS: Fucking duh.

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