New Digs

So we've moved. Yet again.

It wasn't a huge move. Just to a new house on base.

Lovely, isn't it?

Zayta checking out her new digs

This seems to be her new "lookout" window. Security Forces was stopped in the street for a fair amount of time last night, she stood here and watched. She's such a rubber necker.

I have more photos, but I am lazy and even though they're loaded into my Blogger dashboard, I don't feel like clicking on them to add to the blog. I might later. Especially considering I exerted a rather large amount of work in typing that I'm too lazy to post them, when it would have been easier to just post them.

We're slowly getting things set up. And I do mean slowly. There are boxes everywhere still. (Probably because I'm sitting on my bum playing on the computer instead of being productive.

So, if you need/want my address, just leave me a message or email me and I'll get it to you.

Even though the stress of the move was insane ( I didn't take time off to move really so I was working between packing and moving) I am glad its mostly done. Nate's deployment is on the horizon and I would probably have completely lost it if I had to do this while he was gone, while I was working and with Sami. Yeah, don't even want to think about that!

I'm sure I'll post more later. I am procrastinating unpacking and I have a meeting for work in a couple hours anyway! Plus, Nate is sleeping. So I don't want to wake him. 

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