Review: Sweet Sally's Soaps

This was my 2nd purchase using Heartsy.

I purchased a $25 store credit for $9.

Left to Right: Patchouli & Cedarwood soap, 

Sugar Scrub Sampler Set: (Coffee Butter, Mango Sugar Scrub, Rosemary Mint) Lemongrass and Sage soap

I know, I know, "You could totally buy THREE bars of this awesome store brand soap for $1 with my coupon"

But I don't want to. I like home made soaps. I like scented soaps and I'm OK with paying for it.

First, I love packaging. If your product isn't packaged nicely, I'm not going to be too enthusiastic about it. Which, I know, don't judge a book by its cover. But things like this, can be good as gifts. Who wants a poorly packaged gift? (I suck at wrapping myself, so I rely on gift bags and pretty packaging.

The package from Sweet Sally Soap's shipped in a bag that was in a box. Which helped in the event of possible water damage, something that is extremely possible in the wet wilderness of my South Dakota mailbox. I know, "what a waste of paper!!" However, if the soaps had gotten wet, they could have seeped into other things which would have been bad.

Each bar of soap is wrapped in a beautiful green paper wrapped with paper with the ingredients and store name. The wrapping paper looks natural but it could possibly be mass produced. But the look is effective.

I bought the lemongrass and sage on a whim, I had tried a Bath and Body Works lemongrass and sage body wash years ago that I loved. But they of course discontinued it for some sick vanilla crap. (I'm so not a vanilla person, can you tell? In fact, my house smells like vanilla and I am ready to buy a few more Scentsy burners to get that awful smell out..../rant)

Anyway, I bought the Patchouli and Cedarwood intentionally because I've had a hard time finding good patchouli scented soaps that don't make me smell too hippie-ish.

First off, the scent is amazing. I opened my mailbox and could smell them. It made my mailbox smell pretty awesome for a few days. Same with my living room when I left them on my table. I might even buy some simply for an air freshener. I wonder if she makes air freshener....hmmm

So yes, I unwrapped the first one and was blown away with how pretty it was.

(I am about 90% sure this is the lemongrass & Sage. I've forgotten)

At first I thought the swirls were simply cosmetic and only on the top, but they do go through the entire soap. 

Now I have somewhat dry skin. So I was a bit concerned it would be drying. But it really isn't. I really love how smooth it makes my skin. 

In my most dry spots like my finger tips and feet, it isn't quite as moisturizing as I would like it. But that is my fault for enjoying scalding hot showers and baths. 

The Patchouli and Cedarwood is an amazing smell. I was a bit worried it would be a bit too crunchy smelling but it wasn't its a very natural herbal scent. I wouldn't call it heavy at all. But its definitely perfect for a very light trace scent.

The scrubs I got to in a sampler pack because I'm still a bit wary of sugar scrubs. And I wasn't sure which scent I wanted. (Indecisive is my middle name)

Again, beautifully packaged. I could easily toss these in a gift basket and it would be perfect.

I was blown away by these. I have extremely dry legs and was worried these would make it worse. But they didn't. In fact, after using the Mango scrub, my legs were soft and didn't itch at all. Which is an amazing thing. My legs tend to be covered in scratches and marks from my scratching. It looks like I've gotten into a fight with a pride of wild cats. But after one use of the scrub, my legs looked nicer and didn't itch for a couple days. 

I wasn't too impressed with the coffee scrub. But that is only because I don't like coffee and it is definitely coffee. It is pretty strong scent of coffee so if you like the smell of coffee, this is perfect for you. 

I gave it to my husband and he loved it. He has a pretty rough case of eczema on his ankles. (Fuel burn is a bitch) and while it didn't clear it up, it definitely improved it. And it wasn't such a girly scent he would refuse to use it. 

The Rosemary Mint is my favorite. Although the mint smell is a bit stronger than I would like. It is a pretty good scent for people with colds or muscle aches. I had a sore back and used it and the smell alone made me feel more relaxed. 

All in all, a FANTASTIC find. The prices are pretty reasonable. And the selection is awesome. The only con I had was that I wish the scent of the soaps lasted a bit longer on the skin as they do seem to wane after a couple hours. Although that could simply be due to my activity level 

Would I shop there again? In a heartbeat. There are a few more scents I want to try and more products. 

Great find from Heartsy. 

I give it 5 stars out of 5. 

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