A few weeks ago, someone told me about Heartsy.me. Which, is in many ways a Groupon type website for Etsy. I love Etsy so of course, I joined and checked it out. So far this is what I've purchased:

$13 for $30 Online Store Credit at Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen

$9 for $25 Online Store Credit at Sweet Sally's Soaps

$10 for $25 Online Store Credit at Sapphira Designs

$19 for $45 Online Store Credit at Charitable Creations Jewelry

$13 for $35 Online Store Credit at Anderson Soap Company

Yeah, I seem to have purchased a lot of soap. But I have a slight addiction. So you'll just have to deal with it.

They post new deals daily and sometimes several a day. Each deal is at least 50% off and they have deals from hundreds of Etsy shops in review. Pretty much anything you can sell on Etsy, is featured at some point.

I'll be posting reviews of the things I buy. But while I do that, check out Heartsy!


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  1. Oh wow, this is dangerously fabulous. I bookmarked the site but I am going to try not to get an account yet...I already spend too much on regular Groupons.


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