PWC: Potato Skins

Sooo this isn't in order. I didn't have cilantro in the house so I couldn't do the Pico de Gallo...and I'm being a fatty lately so I skipped the guacamole for the potato skins.

mmmmmmm fat.

I was going to make this last week, but got sidelined with a horrible cold/flu/plague and spent most of the week in bed and working. I didn't think my germs would add much to the taste.

But now that I am alive and well and able to walk, its time to cook.

Ohh look! We're already up to page 22. See how productive I am? Oh yeah....skipped a few. Oops.

You know what the main ingredient of Potato skins is?


Mmm potatoes. I <3 potatoes.

Time to get these boys all glistening and oiled up.


You know the one thing I hate about baking potatoes? The time. It takes freakin' forever to bake a potato. These were in the oven for about an long painful hour.

Meanwhile, since frying bacon gives me chills and freaks me out. I enlisted the help of my lovely husband to fry up the bacon.


Finally done. OMG Took forever.

Looks like you get to see me in my nightgown. Lucky you.

Took a while to make the potatoes potato less.

I smell bacon. I am here to assist.

At this point I was getting rather distracted and didn't take any photos of the hollowed out skins

This was after another turn in the oven.

During their final trip to the tanning bed oven, I chopped up the bacon while the husband was made to grate cheese.

Grate, boy. GRAAAATTE

After this, I filled the skins with cheese and the diced bacon. Next time....more cheese

And back into the oven they went. My oven really needs to be cleaned now.


Yum. Yum. Yum.

I am not a fan of green onions. So I skipped them. Although they would have added a nice crisp taste. 

I'll probably add them next time.

They turned out really good! Nate seemed to really like them too.

I did add sour cream after I took this. Which really added to them.

More cheese next time though...mmmm cheese

And the gym...I so need to go to the gym. I'm getting way too soft and pudgy. 


  1. You made one of my favourite things! Om nom nom potato skins!

    And I would have left off the green onion as well. Just sayin'...

  2. Those look amazing. I really wish I had some potatoes right now...


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