Recipe 1-BBQ Jalepeno Poppers

(I originally wrote this 5 May, but got side tracked on uploading it. And then Blogger crashed for a few days. Sooo its late as usual. But its here!)

I do believe this recipe is going to stick in my mind for quite some time. I was making this Sunday night (May 1st) while waiting for the pizza guy to delivery our dinner. Pizza guy also brought some news.

Osama bin Laden had been killed my US Forces.

Now, as a military family, this is pretty big news for us. I had known something was up that day when the Big Voice had escalated us to FPCON Bravo. Which for real world issues is always a bit daunting.

But enough of that mess. Which I might blog about at a later date. On to Happy Good stuffs!

Now, I'm not a Jalepeno person. (Not even on a stick) So this was going to be one I skip out on as far as tasting.

Scandalous, huh?

Onwards and upwards

Ohhhhhh pretty!

One thing I love about this cookbook is the photos. I get lost without photos. For I am simple minded and easily distractible ;)

So, jalepenos are dangerous little buggers. If you do this recipe. Wear gloves. Just, don't ask, do it. I used the ones from the commissary, and they don't have the best selection. But I am lazy and don't feel like driving all the way into town. (Gotta save gas, yo!)

Look at the jalepeno goodness!

It took me a while to scrape them all out, but they turned out pretty clean. Since I wasn't making them for myself and using the troops in Nate's shop as my guinea pigs (bwwahahaa) I left quite a bit of seed and membrane in them.

See my mess?

I can be a messy cook. I try not to, but when you have a dog nosing around and a cat vocalizing his annoyance with dinner not being served promptly as I enter the kitchen as well as a very social 5 year old going on about....everything. Its distracting.

Ohh look! Its de-seeded! Poor Fuel boys, you're going to burn your little mouths.

Note to self: Soften cream cheese. Buy new mixing bowls.

Anyone have tips for new bowls? I need cute large ones and selections around here tend to be limited.

So, about this time, I got lonely and I hate grating cheese. But I refuse to buy pre-shredded cheese because it tastes weird.

So guess who got put to work?!!?

No....Not Zayta. She'd eat it all.


Next time, use more cheese. Also, don't use a hand mixer. It just makes a mess of things.
I also omitted the green onions because I hate them. (Yes, I know I wasn't the one eating them. But still)

After this, I spent a good half hour filling the jalepeno boats with the mixture. Which was so boring I didn't even take a photo. I know, you're disappointed.

Do you know how weird it is to wrap things with bacon? Its definitely not gift wrap.

Awwww! Look! Stabitty death for the jalepenos!

I also learned, I need a new pastry brush.

Mmmmmmm Barbecue sauce. Soo messy.

Woohoo! After dousing everything in barbecue sauce, and looking like a hot mess, time to cook the little devils. (Side note. My laptop is in the kitchen because I was chatting with @whilethis about Osama and computer parts. Go B.A)

Oh yeah, so sexy. That's what you get for being up from 5 am for work!

Annnnnnd They're done. Not too bad for my first attempt!

I have no idea how they turned out. But Nate seemed to like them and they disappeared quickly at the shop apparently. I've also had requests from the guys for more. So I'm assuming that's a good sign!

So lesson?

Next time use more cheese. Possibly a Monterey Jack or something spicy. And use a better barbecue sauce. I used basic sauce this time and it worked fine. But I'll branch out next time.

I also want to try it with a pepper bacon at some point!

I'll definitely try this one again


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