Summer days driftin' away...

Sami has less than a month of school left.


I remember before she started school how long the school year seemed and how I was going to miss her so much. Then I can get a LOT of stuff done when your five year old is out of the house AND she can have a lot of fun at school. 

Now the school year is coming to an end and there is so much to do. 

I'm enrolling her in several summer camps, one with the 4H and then hopefully three with her Dance Studio. (Don't worry, Mom. They're just day camps!)

They're spaced out to let her enjoy some lazy days as well. 

But time to get ready! For some reason, my child hit the genetic jackpot and has long slim legs, a tiny waist and a torso that is a normal human length. So clothing is a pretty constant need. I attempt to not go too crazy and buy a lot because she can only wear so much before growing out of it. (Which I fail at terribly) 

I love summer time. I love everything about it. The clothes, the heat, the ability to go outside more...Sigh Summer!

A few months ago, I ordered a children's patio set from JCPenney. Unfortunately, it was a pricing error and they did not have enough stock to fulfill all of the orders. To make up for it, they issued me a $50 off a $50 online order. It is set to expire on Saturday. So in order to make use of it, I decided to work on her summer wardrobe. 

$5 in April

Fandango Pink
$5 in April

$5 in April

$5 in April

$6 Everyday
$5 in April

Perfect Blue
$9 in April

Brown Monkey
$6 Best Price

I also bought a smaller pink glitter backpack. That is no longer available. It's a tad smaller than her school bags. But I think it will work well for camps and summer stuff. It's actually a bit bigger than I thought it was going to be, but I think it will be fine. 

It's a start. She still has a few things I picked up a couple months ago on sale at Gymboree sitting in the bag in her closet. And I want to pick up a few nice sundresses (and sandals) I think the major thing she needs is shorts and new pajamas. She puts so much heat off at night, I worry she'll overheat. So I'm going to pick up a new fan for her room and some very thin nightgowns. 

I'm pleased with myself that all of this stuff including the backpack, cost me $3. That's pretty impressive. I definitely like JCP's new pricing scheme. It's much easier than having to remember coupons, or sale ads or digging through sale signs that are never accurate and as far as I can tell, the quality is still good.

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