Father's Day Card Freebie!

So if it hasn't been obvious yet, I suck at planning. While reading blogs this morning since I woke up at 2:45 this morning, I came across an awesome deal on Father's Day cards!

If you've not checked out Treat, they are cards you can design online and either have sent to your home or sent to the recipient. You can upload photos, personalize fonts, colors, greetings, pretty much everything.

 The quality is nice, and who can say no to a personalized card?

If you've never used them before, you can get a free card by using the promo code "FREETREAT" this code is for first time users.

It is free to ship to your home, or you can pay the postage to ship directly to the recipient so about 48 cents depending on where it is going. (44 cents for the stamp, plus 3 cent tax)

Nate and I have agreed that I won't buy him anything for Father's day this year as he will be moving soon and won't be able to take a huge amount with him, and so that we can start putting away savings for UK Move 2013. So I had to get creative.  We'll see if I have time for much more, I work pretty much through next weekend, and on my day off, we have the squadron picnic and Sami's new dance classes. Sheesh this summer is already going by so quickly!

Here is the card I created for Nate:

Front of card

Inside card!

The photo is a bit old, I took in last September/October. But I've not had a chance to take many photos of her where she is not being silly lately. 

Good luck! And I hope you'll share what you created!

Now you can avoid those horrible lines at the store! (If you are as bad about putting things off as I am..)


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