Weekend Update

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I can't believe it's already Monday. This weekend definitely went by rather quickly.

Thursday I was able to get some errands done in the morning since I was working the evening shift.

I had placed another bow order for Sami from Cutzie Girl Bows. Because I'm just crazy.

This is what I ordered (One of them is for a gift!):

Photo Credit: Stacey W. Owner of Cutzie Girl Bows

And while I was there she informed me of a 20% Off In stock item sale. 
I may or may not have bought a few more. . . 
Seriously best bows I've seen. I ordered a few months ago from one of her previous sales and tested the quality. I was able to pull and tug on the bow and nothing happened. I even gave it to my cat to play with and he wasn't able to destroy it. 
This order was

Top Right: 2 Matching BFF bows
Bottom Left: All American Girl Bottlecap Bow
 Middle Left: USA Heart Bow
Middle Left: Personalized Black Dance Bow

If you're in search of girls bows. Definitely check Stacey out. Her work is awesome. 

I was also able to meet up with another spouse on base that is in a very similar situation as I am. Her husband is on his way to S. Korea and their follow on is also in the UK. It will be great to have more friends in England when we get there!

Friday was the MXS Picnic. Every year, Ducky's squadron hosts a picnic for all of the members and their families. 

This year it was held at Flying T Chuckwagon located next to Reptile Gardens. It was an awesome event. They had a bouncy castle for the kids, corn hole for the adults, lots of food and refreshments and plenty of Designated Drivers and discounted admission to Reptile Gardens

We definitely made the most of it! Here are a few photos!

Sami is pumped! She loves snakes

She is getting sooo tall. Then again I'm sooo short.

In the Sky Dome. Beautiful flowers and plants everywhere

This was her "Take the freaking photo. I've got snakes to see!"

This Blue and Gold Macaw was my favorite. He sits on a branch about 3 feet above your head and watches you. If you talk nicely to him and raise your camera, he'll pose. 

See? He's a sweetheart.

I have nooo idea what this was, my hand was a good 6 inches away from his face when I noticed him.
I actually had to lean in really close to see if he was real or not. 
He was real.

More birdies!!!

And turtles! 

Pretty flowers too!

Another bird! He judged. He did NOT pose. 

This year was a bit bittersweet. The current commander of 28th MXS, Major Pedersen is PCSing to Yokota AB, Japan to assume a new command. He and his wife Jenn, have been amazing for the squadron. I've worked closely with Jenn in my Key Spouse duties and she has been an amazing mentor. Their leadership will definitely be missed. 

Ducky listening to the Going Away speeches

After the picnic, we decided to head to Hill City and walk around. 

We grabbed a late lunch at a restaurant that was definitely not blog worthy. I was definitely not impressed with the food or service. (Which was a running theme this weekend)

But we stopped at a little ice cream shop called Mountain Treats on our way to the car and met the nicest gentleman that owned it. He is the type that makes little places like this famous. Very friendly, very happy and interested in everyone that walked in. He came and talked to us for a while about where we were from, thanked Ducky for his service and was very warm and friendly to Sami. Definitely made the trip worthwhile. 

We came home and had steaks and mashed potatoes before the storms hit and had a relaxing evening together. Sami was exhausted from her day and curled up in bed and watched TV for a bit while dozing.

Saturday was very quiet, I worked all day so we didn't really do much of anything. 

Sunday was another quiet day. We did go to lunch at TGI Friday's and grabbed frozen yogurt from Freshberry.

Why yes. That IS Cap'n Crunch in my yogurt.

I'm including some more photos from Reptile Gardens below!

Thanks for reading!!!!



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    1. You should totally come back and visit ;) That way I for sure see you before we leave!

  2. What a fun weekend! I am of course partial to your daughter's name and the spelling is even the same! That is rare :) Thanks for linking up!

    1. I know, right?? I've only seen it spelled like that one other time and that was the girl she was named after. It's already been a source of annoyance as her teacher kept telling her to spell it Sammy. But Sami just looks so much prettier and girly.

  3. What a fun place to visit! Looks like you guys had a blast!

    And I imagine it'd be so hard to move to a new country, but what an adventure!

    Thanks for linking up with us :)

    1. Thank you! I think they're going to have the best two years ever in Japan! We will be moving to England next year so hopefully we can meet up and see them.

  4. How fun! This looks like a great place for kids... and who doesn't love fro yo on the weekends?? :) Love your blog.. I'm your newest follower!

    1. Thanks! As much as I complain about the area, during the tourist season there is definitely a lot of family friendly places to go!

  5. Love those bows! Super cute! If only I had a girl...

    That frozen yogurt looks delicious!

  6. This makes the, what is it, fourth time you've made me cry? ;) I'm going to miss you, Christina! But no goodbyes!! Not only is the AF a very small world, I have every intention of kidnapping Becky next year and heading over to your direction on the map! :) Have you seen Wicked yet? "Because I knew you, I have been changed for good!!"

  7. Omg that yogurt looks delicious!! That parrot looks like a lot of fun :)

  8. What an eventful weekend. I can't believe she loves snakes. Power to ya, little lady! Thanks for linking up with us.

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