Life Via Instagram

Life Via Instagram

I've had an insanely dull week lately. Mostly because I've been fighting a migraine for a few days so I've avoided doing too much. But I apparently ate. A lot.

Mixed Berry Tart from my favorite little bakery, Dakota Thyme
Every time I get this, I always get gimpy mint. The other ones in the display class are big and healthy and perky leaves of mint. I always get the gimpiest one. This one was limp and had given up on life. 
But it beats the one last night! It was so gimpy I didn't even take a photo. It was smaller than the nail on my pinky finger. 

Day 1 of Photo a Day June. This is taken from my porch before work. 
And of course it is trash day (Which actually didn't run that day)

Cranberry Chicken Salad from Potted Rabbit
Best chicken salad ever.

SD Storms rolling in. 
We may not get very good storms. But we get pretty skies. 

Playing in the fountain at Main Street Square.
(Yes, I live in small town America)

My favorite toy store! I go there so often they know me by name. 
Not sure if this is a good thing, or a bad thing. 

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  1. I love instagram, it makes me feel all arty without actually having to have any talent for photography. That tart you made looks delicious!

  2. Thanks, Colleen! I am definitely going to miss the sunsets here!


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