Back to School Fairy

I'll add more photos later. But this was the letter the BTS Fairy sent

Dear Samantha,

Happy Night Before Kindergarten!

Tomorrow you start a new chapter of your life. Kindergarten is going to be a blast! And your Mom and Dad are so very proud of you.

You are going to learn a world of new things. Make lots of friends and many memories.

I've been watching you in the last few weeks and I wanted to say you've been such a courageous girl with your Daddy deployed. I know that it can be very difficult and sad not to have him there with you. But you are doing so great handling it well and being a help to your Mom.

I've included a few gifts to help you through your new adventure in life! I heard that you wanted a few new friends to play with, so I am sending you two of my favorite friends to be your new friends! They will wish you good luck in the morning, and will wait for you in the afternoon to hear all about your day and to give you cuddles when you have a bad day.

Reading is something I think is the best thing in the world. I know you love reading with Mommy and Daddy, so I am sending two of my favorite books to you! Remember to read everyday. Each book is a new world to discover. So keep your eyes and ears open and enjoy the new worlds around you.

I will drop by next year to see you again! But if you could do a few things for me I would be so happy.

Remember to listen to your Mom and Dad and Mrs Nelson and your other teachers. They love you and want only the best for you. I know it sometimes get difficult to do your chores, but your Mommy really needs your help.

When you get frustrated, remember what to do. Stop. Breathe and Think! This will help you get through so much!

Thank you for helping your Mommy out by feeding the animals. I know Zayta is very grateful for the food!

Being a new Kindergartener is scary and exciting! But I have a few secret tips from Back to School Fairy just to you!

1. Remember that you are special, smart and beautiful. You are gifted and a gift to those around you.

    2. Smile. Infect the world with the amazing Smile of yours. Your happiness can shine on others and make their day even better.
      1. Remember that your Mommy and Daddy love you and are always there if you ever need to talk.
      2. Be nice to everyone you meet! You never know what they are going through and you can be anyone's friend.
      3. Get plenty of sleep!
      4. Eat all your vegetables. I know they don't always taste great, but they are brain food and will help you out at school!
      5. Remember to sit quietly and be polite. You never know what you could learn.
      6. Don't forget to hug your Mommy tomorrow and tell her you love her. She's excited for you but is going to miss you terribly. It might be a hard day for her letting you grow up. But she knows you're going to have a blast.
      7. Brush your teeth, comb your hair, wash your hands and face. Put your best foot forward and everything will fall into place if you take care of yourself and believe in yourself.
        You are an amazing girl, Samantha. And a gift to everyone you meet. I can't wait to watch how your first year of school goes.

        Until next year!

        The Back to School Fairy

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