Cheesecake stuffed Strawberries

Yeah baby. Cheesecake + Strawberries= YUMMM

I'm not even going to go into a big spiel about these. I found them on Pinterest and couldn't wait to try them

Pretty basic ingredients!

About 20 strawberries... 
Next time I'm going to Sam's to get mutant berries

8 oz pkg softened cream cheese. 
For the love of all that is holy soften it. Its a bitch to use when not

1/2 cup powdered sugar
or...a bit more. Powdered sugar is snow from the Gods

1/2 tsp vanilla
(Random: I hate vanilla. The smell grosses me out but its important in baking)
3 graham crackers

1/2 cup mini chocolate chips (optional)
I ran out of chips. So I used half a Hershey's bar


Wash your berries! (Especially if they're from the commy)

Pat dry, and then pull a little Anne Boleyn action on them

Now the tricky part. You see that meaty strawberry goodness? 
Yeah, that needs to go.

I used a small paring knife that worked perfectly. 
It is a lot easier than it looks. Simply slide your instrument of berry torture in the top at a slight angle. and then twirl. It comes out pretty easily.

Not my best attempt. But you definitely get used to how you need to do it. Practice makes perfect!

Oh look! I'm done!

Mix your cream cheese, vanilla, and sugar together

Please, Christina. PLEASE get a stand mixer. If you love me you'll get one.
Much Love, Spoon 

P.S For the love of God soften the cream cheese next time!

Now you can be all spiffy and use a pastry bag. But I'm ghetto and have no fancy pasty crap. So I slipped the cheesecake mixture in a Ziplock bag and snipped the end.

Grab the berry in your hand and squeeze. You'll want to fill the strawberry with the cheesecake mixture and leave just a little over filling the top.

Sup. I heard there was food.

Oh this is my favorite part!

Stick your graham crackers in a new Ziplock bag....

And let out all of that frustration. 

My dog was quite freaked out by the sound of me beating the counter.

G on the other hand decided to sit and watch and try to help. Not a good combination.

I was very frustrated that day.

Now take each strawberry and pour some of the graham cracker crumbs on top. 

You could probably dip it in the bowl, but that might get a bit messy.

So about this time I lost track of my camera and got distracted by the yumminess.

Take half a Hershey's bar and melt. Snip edge and drizzle over chocolate. of the great things of having a child. . . They get to play Taste Tester

And its a success!!!!!

Hope you try it and enjoy!!!

Recipe Courtesy: SugarDerby


  1. omg those look delicious! I am going to have to make some of these!!!

  2. These look delish! I wonder if I substituted the sugar for spenda how they would taste?


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