Rose's Tide Challenge

Yes, I am about to blog about laundry. You KNOW you are excited.

A couple weeks ago, I was stalking blogs like you do, when I read an update on my friend Rose's blog.

About a year ago when she moved to Hawaii (Yes be jealous) She started using a 64 load bottle of Tide.

And she's not out yet!

No she's not crazy and no, she isn't just buying new clothes when the others are dirty. (although I must admit I've considered that before)

She is using vinegar to extend and boost her laundry detergent.

Vinegar is amazing. It acts as a natural fabric softener, it disinfects like nothing else.

It cuts down on lint during the wash cycle. With a rather sheddy labrador, I get quite a bit of pet hair on things. Nothing else really helped as much as the vinegar did. It also deodorizes. My husband and I tend to sit outside around our fire pit pretty often during the summer and the smell of the smoke clings to our clothes.

Not to mention the fuel smell.  JP-8 has a very distinct scent. Not something I want to get on anything. Vinegar cuts it completely.

So I decided "Hey! That's a swell idea, Rose! I shall steal it."

So I did.

Now I'm aware that its super easy to make your own detergent and blah blah blah. But I am lazy. SUPER lazy. So that's not for me right now. Maybe one day...

And you could probably totally get away with JUST using vinegar...but again, not ready for that.

So here goes!

I'm 90% sure that its a 64 load bottle. But it is currently about 50 feet away and I'm rather comfortable in my chair.
And the vinegar is about 64-65 oz.
**I checked it is indeed 64 Load bottle**
And yes, I'm aware that the marker won't mark or show up on the bottle. I've since replaced it :D
Estimated price: uhhh I don't remember what I paid. So I'm guesstimating this:
Tide: $13.00
Vinegar: $1.50
Rose is up to about 120 loads with about 15% left.
That comes out to about 12 cents a load. You'll probably go through more than one bottle of vinegar so that will take up the price slightly (maybe 1-2 cents)

Ohhh empty lid is empty!

One of the reasons I hate doing laundry...I make more of a mess than not

So trying to show how much detergent I use, turns out to be rather tricky. I'm not one for measurements in life. In cooking or cleaning or anything else.

I just eye it.

For this load I was doing a rather large load of Sami's clothes.

I filled the cap to a little under halfway to the #1 line with detergent. 

This looks rather full actually. But its not

Then I topped off the detergent with the Distilled White Vinegar.

So far its working great. I know figuring out ratios might be a tad difficult. But I think you'll definitely get the hang of it quickly.

I'm excited to see how far I can make this go!

Want to read more? Follow Rose's Tide Challenge at: Happy Hippie Rose and her July update here.

I'll update as it goes. Hopefully, when Nate returns he won't use this bottle without the WDV


  1. Um... I'll try to develop a habit of not being lazy, but it's so much simpler to just dump a cap full of detergent rather than play with that nasty smelling vinegar...j/k lol

  2. I'm definitely going to try this. Eventually. LOL


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