Quick tip: Cheap Febreeze

I noticed a lot of people enjoyed my Tide challenge post. Thanks, Rose!

So I wanted to share this really quick tip. 

Do you really like the smell of Febreeze? Can't live without the bottled gold?

Yeah, I love it too. But it can be pricy.

Want a tip?

1 cup fabric softener to 2 cups water

Put in a spray bottle and shake

OMFG its Febreeze!

You can add half a cup to a cup of vinegar to it as well. (Vinegar deodorizes!)

Don't worry, the vinegar smell evaporates after a bit. 


  1. I like to use a mixture of water, vodka & essential oils for my air & fabric freshening needs.

  2. I love things like this! Thanks for sharing. =)


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