Heartsy Review: Little Sketchy Cards

 This is another Heartsy purchase I bought...a looong time ago and just managed to order it a few weeks ago.

It was $6 for $32 in store credit.

How great of a deal is that?!?!

I orders 2 greeting cards and 10 personalized notecards.

Remember how I'm a sucker for presentation and packaging? This is the packaging for Little Sketchy Cards

Each card (or note card set) was wrapped in cellophane to protect against dust, dirt and what have you.

This was the notecard set I ordered.


I was a bit concerned that it was going to be printed on someone's home printer and get weird lines. Or be on cheap paper.

Not at all! Good quality paper, great rich ink colors. No smearing, no lines. Very Very professional!

I hate when companies post their logo HUUUUGE all over the product. I'm already paying for your product, I don't want to pay to advertise for you.

But these are very very well done. The logo is discreet, doesn't distract and is legible and easy to understand.



This card is a finalist in the NASA & Etsy Space Craft Contest 2010 


Soooo cute!

Again, an amazing shopping experience. I love love love my cards and can't wait to order again at some point.



  1. i've been in the market for totally adorable thank you cards. i LOVE sending out handwritten notes for all sorts of things, most especially TY cards. (as you know i include them in all of my orders too)

    so now you've got me perusing and shopping (uh oh!)

    good post, thanks!!

  2. Rose: Little Sketchy Cards is going to have another Heartsy special in the next few days! So keep an eye for that if you want to try them!


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