First Day of School

I can't believe its time for school.

We went on Friday to check out the school and briefly meet her teacher.

That in itself was absolutely insane. But she seemed super excited.

The BTS Fairy visited Monday night. And we finally got to sleep (Have you ever tried getting your overexcited five year old to sleep? Not the easiest thing to do)

I decided to not do any pre-planning the night before. (There was a reason! I promise!)

Crazy? Yeah, probably. But I wanted to see how long it would take us to get everything done when we're short on time so I can plan for those days we are running behind.

Sami took a bath, I made french toast and fruit and milk for breakfast. (Which she didn't eat because she was too nervous)

Made her lunch and got her dressed and it didn't take long at all. We were done by 07:30 Awesome

Then it was photo time!

She was quite ready for me to leave. Had no problems adjusting. I did pretty well. No tears. Went home for a meeting at work. 

I picked her up and she was excited and exhausted. She fell asleep in the car and took a nap later on

Today was her 2nd day and she rode the bus. No photos as she was beyond ready for me to be gone and to get on the bus by herself. Silly Independence!


  1. awww, she's all grown up. well, another year grown up. she's so beautiful! congrats mama, it's gonna be an awesome school year =)


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