Heartsy Review: Sew-Fantastic!

I bought this voucher in May...and finally got around to redeeming it in July

It was $12 for a $38 credit.
(I'm a Heartsy VIP, so I do get better discounts at times. I think the regular was $12 for $28)

I also had $7 in credits from Heartsy so the final price to me was $5

Yes! $5 for $38 store credit! WOOHOO

Now I usually steer away from these like this. Usually because the fabrics used that I've seen in the past are dull, dowdy and way to country for me. (If I see more rooster crap, I might scream. Why is it that once you have a child you suddenly have a need to slap a creepy rooster on everything?! or those scary Kewpie dolls? Yeah, not for me.)

Love us! Or we will come for you in your sleep!

But I decided to give it a whirl (Honestly, it was the owl that did me in. I'm a sucker for a good logo)

Sew Fantastic has a pretty wide range of fabrics to choose from. I chose a ready made piece as I was feeling way too unoriginal that day. Go me. I rock.

I ordered a crayon wallet for Sami and a "mini-shopper" for myself.

Woooooooooo Pretty

They arrived wrapped in cellophane, which kept them clean during the shipping process. (Which can be quite messy here in the Dakotas due to extreme weather etc)

(Mini-Shopper) about the size of a small paperback

Why thank YOU sew much!
I'm usually a sucker for pretty packaging. But this simplicity really clicked with me. It let the fabric stand out and looked rather professional. Something that can be lacking in Etsy shops. 

(Crayon Wallet)

Ohhhhh With crayons! What an awesome bonus!

I love this button. I can't get a photo that really showcases its sheen, but its so pretty and a pretty sturdy sized. I'm not worried about breaking it at all.

There are several pockets. This is one on the back of it. Surprisingly deep (it goes back to the edge)
You could easily put a mobile phone or iPod or something in this.

The inside. It comes complete with a notepad and a pen!

More pockets. Really deep


Its rather durable. I pulled and twisted and no seams ripped or popped. It is very well sewn and well made.

 I'm not sure if there is something in it such as a cardboard backing to help it keeps it shape, or if the fabric is super starched, or what, but its definitely not too soft. While the fabric is soft to the touch, its firm enough not to get crumbled or wrinkled. There definitely seems to be at least a small amount of batting between the layers. 

If I order another one, I'll probably order a Kindle case

Crayon Wallet

This was another pre-designed piece I chose. 

Pretty, no?

There are slots for 12 crayons. I'm sure you could easily put thin markers or even colored pencils in it. 

Its a tri-fold wallet thingy. Again, it is about the size of a paperback, just a bit shorter. 

Velcro closure. (Better for small kids less choking hazard Im assuming.)

This has come in all sorts of helpful. At restaurants, the doctor, even in the car. Its small enough to toss in my handbag (or even Sami's) and she can be entertained for hours!

All in All I was extremely satisfied and can't wait to order more things. They do have makeup bags. And I'm curious to see if they can make a make up brush roll.

Interested? Click here to visit Sew-Fantastic on Etsy.

And here on Facebook: Sew-Fantastic

******Sew Fantastic is currently on vacation. But keep an eye out for the store to re-open!*****

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  1. okay, now you really have me shopping on etsy. sheesh! these are SO CUTE! that crayon wallet is amazing; I can only imagine how great it is out and about when you have time to kill.

    i love that notepad, that's perfect for me to bring along to all of my doctor's appointments.

    furthermore, you have me paranoid about packaging. i don't have any means of professional packaging like these folks seem to. seam to. haha! sewing pun!

    but srsly, i need to up my game. i need a logo and cellophane, and all kinds of stuff. these folks are serious.


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