10 Things to do Before 2012

10 Things to do Before 2012

Ten things?! Are you crazy? Yes, yes you are!

Lets see:

1) Stop eating all gluten containing products. I'm horrible about this and I pay for it. I'm headachy, crampy, irritable. All sorts of things. So we'll see if I can stop completely

2) Go home. My 10 year reunion is coming up. As are the holidays. Since Nate will be deployed for the holidays and such, I don't really feel like being alone during the holidays. So I'll have to start budgeting for that. Thank goodness my work is very portable.

3.) Finish the 30 day blog and a majority of the Cookbook Challenge. lol Like that is going to happen

4.) Make at least 5-6 stellar care packages.

5.) Plan a trip to attend either Dragon*Con 2012 or SDCC 2012. I'm missing them this year because of the deployment, work and Sami. But I had such a good time last year I have to go again.

6.) Take Sami on a trip just the two of us.

7.) Organize my closet. It needs it. Desperately

8.) Do at least 2 DIY projects for the house.

9.) Decorate the house. Again, its needed.

10.) Get my website up and running, I have it all set up I just need to get it designed and functioning. 

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