Day:6 Your Day *IMG Heavy*

Day 6 (I think)

Your Day

Do you really want to know what I do all day? It's so not interesting. But here goes:

I wake up at vastly different times. This post is going to be mostly based on yesterday. Some of the photos are from different days, but its what happens daily.

Soo yesterday (And today) I woke up at 06:37 on the dot both days. Weird.

This is usually what I wake up to...


Feed me. Now.

Good Morning beautiful husband of mine!

So this wasn't quite the normal day. Usually Nate is on mid-shift and he is just getting home about this time. This week, he was at DEPTAC during day shift. So while I got him home at night, he was gone during the day.

Not always a bad thing! I get a lot accomplished when he's at work. 

Geordi sunning himself. Such a lazy, lazy cat

Good Morning, Mommy. I love you and you are my master

Time to go to class! Love him in his uniform :drool

Zayta:"No Daddy, don't go. You are my master!"

My master is gone.

What will I do without my master?!?!

 Now, there is a reason there is a bed in my living room. The night before (Monday evening) there was a pretty bad storm that blew through the area. 

Well, storms here get extremely windy. So I had pulled the cushions off of the patio chairs and brought them inside so they didn't end up a mile down the road.

It was still a pretty warm evening and Sami was napping upstairs. Since I had to close the windows, I threw some sheets and blankets on top of the patio cushions and tucked her into that to sleep in. 

I'm that crazy over protective mother. After Sami woke from her nap, Zayta decided to claim the pallet as her new bed for the night.  For I have a lazy, lazy dog.

Time to get dressed!

You're not fully clean, unless your ZEST-Fully clean!

G always accompanies me to the shower. He is my feline lifeguard.

I'm sure if I drowned in the shower he would go get help.

Or food. 

I'm betting on the food.

Obviously not trying very hard.

Annd it's only 07:15

Oh yay. Dishes!
See my exciting life?

Um, you're forgetting something...

Woohooo Dishes are done!

And the kitchen is clean. (Well, clean-ish)

Ohhhh Guess what time it is!


(If you listen closely, you can hear my neighbour's dog howling along.)

 Now, I don't mind Reveille. I actually enjoy it.  About a year ago, a spouse on the base wrote to the installation commander how the noise woke her children up and she wanted it to be removed. Well, the commander removed it from being played and this decision upset a lot of people. Even the local newspaper picked up the story. Some active duty members who supported the return of Reveille and felt it was a bad move to remove it, received rude and threatening messages from people. Crazy. 

A couple weeks later, the commander re-instated Reveille. But moved it from 06:30 to 07:30. 

I think they secretly turned it up too...

FINE! If you won't feed me, I'll do it myself.

Don't worry, B. I fed him :P

Time to feed the starving cat and dog. I swear, they waste away. 

So, I think my dog is having a love affair with the neighbour's dog. They're a cute couple. But they spend most of their time outside playing together through the fence. Its pretty cute.

God she talks back like a kid.

Oh look. Laundry.

Facebook time makes it better!

The makeshift bed is no more! 

Sweet! Living room and dining rooms are clean!

Except for the random juggling pins and rope.

Good Morning, Starshine! The Earth says Hello!

So, I guess I'm a really strict mom. Because I make her do chores when she wakes up before pretty much anything.

This day she was actually good and got her chores done quickly
AND got dressed!

Sami helping make her breakfast


Honey Nut O things. Milk, banana, peanut butter toast and Strawberry Banana V8 Fusion

And meds. Boo meds.

Eat up!

Back to the computer for important work e-mail!
And to chat with Elizabeth!

Sami tends to take time to eat. She's a slow eater. Really slow. (Something she gets from me actually)

Yes,Yes, That is my dog. Yes, she is sitting in the patio chairs.

Remember when I said she was lazy? She's also spoiled.

Time to work on our workbooks!

OMG It's only 10 A.M..

Yes, That is THL. :P

 Laundry. Fuuun.

About this time, I called Garrit. We talked for a good hour and a half. We do that often. We need to do it more often.

Day before I spoke to Sam for about an hour. I'm feeling very social this week!

Look who is home for lunch!

He was teasing me about something.
And I don't think he appreciated me taking so many photos.

Time for a 
Work meeting!

Well Hi there lazy dog

And lazy cat.

Wait...why is the cat sleeping on the dog's bed????

About this time, I was getting over the whole being dressed thing. 

Oh Hai pajamas!

Guess what that means?

Time for work!

Gotta catch up on the Casey Anthony Trial

Text from Elizabeth!

Work work work work work

Work work work work work

Text from Jamie!

Someone was bored I think. Silly Jamie
We were texting about Bruce Willis for some reason


This is my view at work.

Lazy cat.

Oh guess what!

Its 17:00

You know what that means!


(For the non-military folks, Sami isn't just being weird. If you are outside on an installation when Retreat begins, you are to stop what you are doing and place your hand over your heart. (Sami is still working on the whole right from left)
And face the music in silence until it ends. Vehicles pull over to the side of the road. Active duty in uniform salute the flag or if you can't see the flag, the music.

Back to work!

Ohh look! The mail came!

And I got a Heartsy delivery.

(More about that in another post. It was awesome)

My coworker.

He keeps me company during work.

After this, work got busy and I was working straight until bed time.

I skipped dinner because I was feeling nauseated. So Nate made spaghetti for him and Sami.

So that was my long boring ass day.

I told you that you didn't want to hear about it.

And no, Sami didn't disappear. She was playing on the couch next to me while I worked :D

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