Thankful Thursday


I'm being insanely vain this week. So you can just suck it up and deal.

Here's a little weird insight to my craziness. I have a fear of chapped lips. I'm constantly afraid of getting chapped lips. Yet, I can't even remember the last time I did have them. I do know it has been years.

So I'm slightly obsessed with lip balm. But the strange thing is, it goes it cycles. There will be times when I'll go months without using it. (And still not get chapped lips) and then I'll get slightly unhinged if say, Sami gets ahold of it and claims it as her own or I leave the house without it.

Now that I think about it, I could probably chart it down to when I'm stressed. When I'm stressed I get compulsive. I tend to control my compulsions most of the year and act pretty normally and function without medication or anything. But when I get too stressed, they slowly start to creep in and I honestly think that it is perfectly healthy to let them in if it helps me de-stress. If lip balm helps me handle stress, I think I'm doing pretty good in life.

I'm also really freaked out about sharing lip balm. Even with my own daughter. No real reason, I'm just a freak like that.

Also, did I mention I quit caffeine and soda cold turkey last week? Yeah, lots of fun in this house! Give me my lip balm. Stat.

This week, I am thankful for:

Bath and Body Works

I'm actually using the seasonal Blueberry Lemon, which is awesome. Unlike some of the other lip balms I've tried it isn't drying or greasy. It doesn't feel sticky or waxy and it goes on very smoothly. The lid, since it is larger, stays on instead of slipping off in my bag and getting lost and ruining the tube.
The smell and taste is very fresh. A lot of people complain about the stick breaking off but if you don't roll it up all the way, you should be good and as long as you don't mash it into your lips it will last. Its a lip balm not ...something else.

There is no SPF which I'm not sure is a pro or a con yet. So if that is a concern for you make sure you are aware of that.

Some people hate the price. But at the same time, a little goes a long way. So that is up to you. They also send out a LOT of coupons from time to time. And I know they do a 2/1 sale on this. Which would bring it down to $5 a tube. Which is about what people pay for Chapstick I think.

I think I might have to go back tomorrow to stock up....

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