Wishful Wednesday

This is something I'm going to try to do every week. I'm totally stealing it from The Perpetual Dreamer.

Sorry Jen! But its pretty awesome.

 So what am I wishful for this week?

We're gearing up for deployment. So it's going to be a bit of a deployment related post.

No idea what it is?

This is a 550 Cord bracelet. Here is the wiki on 550 Cord or Paracord. Wait, what in the world does a bracelet have to do with deployments?

Well, there is an obvious military affiliation. And I'm going to have it made with a color similar to his ABU's and a yellow for remembrance. But, my plan or wish is to have 2 of these made (Not in the exact colors as above obviously) One for me and one for Sami. Nate is going to give Sami hers as his deployment gift to her on their Daddy/Daughter day. Pretty cheesy, huh?

Wait, are you going to bike to him overseas?? WTH? Bicycle + Ocean=Drowned Christina

And while I know some of my readers might not think that is a horrible idea ;) I have no interest in doing something silly like that.

But deployments are a great time to work on personal fitness. Sami is getting really good at riding. I'd love to bike with her. And while she is in school, I think it would be a great way to get some exercise in and if I'm feeling super adventurous, I could bike to the store for those little items you always forget. 
At least while the weather is nice. Which would be....about a month. South Dakota loves its snow.


I believe this is pretty self explanatory. While I know I don't need fancy paper and pens and Nate will love any letters from me. But I love stationary. And this way he'll be able to recognise it immediately. 

I'm really excited about this aspect of deployment. I want to write him as often as possible. Sure, I could email him or Skype, but letters are something we can hang on to and show our grandchildren in the future. 

These are the ones that Sami chose. I think it will be cool for him to see letters from her as her writing and spelling improves over the school year.

I am short. That is all

So that is my list for this week! 

*Wondering why this is being posted on Thursday? Because I forgot to add the photos and click Publish. I'm special like that*


  1. Looking forward to seeing your weekly lists! We just got my hubby one of those bracelets not too long ago. It's pretty cool.

  2. I've always thought those bracelets were pretty cool. :) Good luck with the prep. I'm glad to hear you're the type to write letters. When F was away at OTS we would email but we also would snail mail and, let me tell you, I still have those letters and I hang on to them and cherish them still. I'm totally with you on that one!

  3. Love the stairstep footstool, Stage Monkey.


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