Thankful Thursday (Only an hour late!)

Oh guess who I stole this idea from? The Perpetual Dreamer. Who got it from somewhere else I believe.

So each week, I'll post things I am thankful for. Pretty self explanatory huh?

What am I thankful for today?

Wooooow How creative, Christina!

Do you know how predictable this is?! Your husband?

But this week, he's really stuck out as something I really am thankful for. 

He's not perfect. So fat from it. But he has a good heart. He loves me completely and has made my life so interesting.

He's been my best friend for four years now. And in that time, we've dealt with so much. Death, suicides, moving cross country together, stresses from work, break ups with The Sloote and The Saint. The Saint dragging his family into drama and causing a rift in his family. deployment, fights, sickness.

And throughout all of it, he's always been there. We've always come out stronger.

Has our relationship been perfect? Oh hell no. I am not one of those gushing girls who say how he is "sooooo perfect" and my "first love" and so much better than my exes. 

Because I truly love him. I love him for his faults, (Why or why does he leave his socks everywhere. WHYYYYYYYYYYY) and I love him for his mistakes. 

He adores Sami. He might get frustrated with her. But he's always there to hug her or help her on her bike or tie her shoe. She loves him more than anything and always wants to make him proud of her.

Seeing him with Sami makes me realize how amazing of a dad he is. When we have another baby, I know he's going to make the experience of pregnancy amazing and special, but he's going to be a great father. And hopefully teach the child to pick up socks.

I am happy to think about our future. The bickering, the teasing, the happiness and even the pain. I know we'll work through it. As long as I get over the socks.

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