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Last weekend, I was lucky to work the morning shift. Which has it downfalls (Hello 7am!) but also has some positives such as being off by 15:00.

Saturday, we decided to go to Mt Rushmore. Obviously THAT didn't work out because we were afraid of hitting the storms that were coming on. We knew we needed to get out of the house and do something and I suggested we go play miniature golf.

We were a bit unsure if Sami would even enjoy it. There are 2 mini-golf places here in Rapid City that I am aware of. (If you're from this area and know of more, please let me know!) 

One is called Putz-N-Glo. Its a bit out of the way, on the road leading towards Rushmore, Crazy Horse etc. Its a black light mini-golf place with music. I was a bit concerned that would be too much for her. So we decided on the one in town near our old apartment called Pirate's Cove. It is obviously only open during the summer season unless you want to try to drive a ball in 5 feet of snow...then again that might be fun.

We didn't expect much out of the place as its basically in a Wal*Mart parking lot. 

It was fantastic. The employees are kind, friendly and helpful. Despite it being small and there being a lot of people there, we rarely had to wait, no lines, and for so many people it was relatively quiet. 

So enough of my rambling, On to the photos.

All Ready to go!

Trying to teach her to hold the club

I failed miserably.

One of the downfalls of being a left handed mother of a right handed child.

But Nate can!

This is just the Practice Green too

Gah. Gym tomorrow PRONTO

I love this one of her. She looks to be having a blast

Waiting for the previous party to go through

Love the waterfall

Yeah, I look like an idiot. But I got a hole in one
Beat that.

Family photo!

And Sami runs off

Go Sami!

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