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Look at me go! TWO recipes in TWO days?!? Damn, I must be drinking the Productivity Kool-aid!


(Speaking of Kool-Aid, Do you know where the phrase "Drinking the Kool-Aid" came from?  It refers to Jonestown. Which if you don't know what that is, make with the clicky. But only if you have a strong stomach. Its actually really morbid. And if you want to be specific, it was Flavor-Aid, which is the generic version of Kool Aid...but it doesn't have the same ring does it?) Like I said, I'm here to help you learn.

Back yet? Depressed? Yeah I would be too. Craziness is Crazy.

On to the blog

Guess what? I totally didn't make this today. I made it yesterday. I was just too lazy to post two blogs in one day.

Plus, its super easy.

Oh look. A recipe!

Guess what is in this....any guesses?

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Damn you, pico de gallo. Damn you to hell.


So in an effort not to waste anything, I chopped up half a jalepeno that was left over from the pico de gallo.

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Why?!?! See, this is why I don't drink. I do stupid things completely stone cold sober can you imagine the shenanigans I'd get myself into if I was drunk? Not a pretty thought. At all.

Anyway, the recipe says to simply cut up an avocado, take the pit out and mush it with a fork.

Have YOU ever tried to cut an avocado? Yeah, that pit? Its hard as a rock. You can't cut through it! You can cut around it, but not through it. 

And then you're to scoop out the avocado-y goo with a spoon. Ok, I did that.

Then Mash with a fork.

OMG WHY DO I HAVE CRAPPY TINY FORKS?! At this point, I am completely covered in avocado goo and jalepeno oils and I am burning in places I REALLY shouldn't be burning in. 

So in an effort to dispel some of my aggression, I whipped out the potato masher. 


And my potato masher breaks.

Seriously. it broke.

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I cried.

Zayta sat there wagging her tail and wondering why I was in the kitchen having a nervous break down and there was no bacon in sight. 


So to make guacamole, you're supposed to simply mix the mashed up avocado goo with some pico de gallo, dash in some salt and be done with it.

At this point, as you'll notice with the lack of photos...I was beyond annoyed and just started tossing things together cursing the existence of this cookbook along the way.

Now, my family makes pretty good guacamole. My aunt used to make good guacamole apparently. 

My family likes tex-mex and spicy foods. So much that for a family Christmas party a few years ago, my ex Matt, made this amazing sausage, pepper thing. He seriously put about 5 different types of peppers in it. It was very small doses as Im not a spicy person fan. My family loved it. It was gone in minutes. Wish he had written down the recipe. 

I must have been switched at birth because I can't stand a lot of tex mex. I can't stand a lot of spicy foods.  I am a weakling.  Please for the love of all that is holy let this be the last recipe with jalepenos.

But if you like peppers, this is the guacamole for you!

 I must say, it actually wasn't that bad! I even ate it. It needed more salt than I put in it. But over all it turned out well!

The next recipe is some sort of Corn Salad thing...there had better not be Jalepenos in it. I will cry...

And Nate seemed to enjoy both of them. 

And that is what matters! Because as much as he drives me crazy, I love making him happy. 

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  1. Yey Guac! I learned this from Alton Brown, I think: to remove the pit, just slice the avocado in half, then stick the bottom sharp part of your knife in it and pull it out. It's super easy. However, it's equally as hard to slide the pit off the knife afterwards...but oh well...


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