Wishful Wednesdays: Pajamas

Oh look! Its Wednesday! I spaced last week (Actually I just worked a lot so I didn't have time for much.)

So, what is on the agenda for Wishful-ness today?


I love pajamas and loungewear. I will change into PJs when I get home and stay in them until bed time.

(TMI: I rarely sleep in them...)

Also, with my job and with winters here. I need them.

Winters here can be crazy. I'm not a winter fan, so I spend most of the winter hiding out in my house bundled up and muttering at the falling snow.

So I need some comfortable pajamas for around the house. Other than just an oversized t-shirt.

Fact: I can't wear a t-shirt of Nate's because he's so small, it's not quite large enough to be comfortable for I am a fatty.

$44.50 in  Sky Blue
Victoria's Secret

If I zip up the cardi I can totally wear this during Skype meetings...right?
And to the commy if it was pink. ;)

Eyelet Cami Pajama
$28 in Periwinkle
Victoria's Secret

$34.50 in Coral
Victoria's Secret

$20 in Lavender or Neon Scuba
Victoria's Secret

$29 in Heather Gray
Victoria's Secret

Sick of VS yet? Yeah, I'm pretty sick of it too. Lets move on! (I've been meaning to do this post for a while and so I keep adding to the file. Hence the length. This is why you should all yell at me when I miss a post)

Turquoise Moroccan Paisley
Neiman Marcus

Silk Flora Pajama
$30 in Red
Hua Design

Miss USA Short Set by BedHead
$118 in Red Poppy
BedHead Pajamas

Abbey Road Stretch Tank and Pant Set
$120 in Blue
BedHead Pajamas
$175 in Green
BedHead Pajamas

Vintage Pajama Set
Eberjey Prima Ballerina Collection

That's all for this week! (I know its a lot)

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