Almost time for School!!!

Sami starts school in about a month. And she decided to hit a growth spurt this summer and shoot up. (She grew an inch within a month) which means little of her clothes from last year fit.  Today, after work I decided to take her out for a Girls' Night.

We hit Borders for their Going Out of Business sale and I picked up a couple books for me (That I actually haven't read!) and a few for Sami. 

We did a good chunk of her School clothes shopping. I still need to get some more jeans, (boot cuts, different washes etc) a few more long sleeve tops, and some sweaters and sweatshirts. A lot of places are just now setting for Fall so Children's Place didn't have a huge selection of fall stuff. The biggest obstacle is finding a good size for her. Even with the adjustable tabs in the waistbands she's all over the place in size. She has a pretty small waist and long legs. Several of the skirts we tried were just a smidge  too short. (This dress is actually on the shorter side to me and it hits right at her knees)

I got 2 skirts, 1 pair of cargo pants, 1 pair of skinny jeans, 1 pair of "jegging" type pants, 2 dresses, 1 sweater, 4 short sleeve shirts, 2 long sleeve shirts, 1 pair of full length leggings, 2 camisoles, and 3 more tops that are a bit more funky. (And 2 pairs of "boxer" shorts for bed)

I'm going to wait until a bit closer to buy her new trainers, some pretty flats, and a pair of boots I've been eyeing for her and I promised her if she did her chores, I'll take her to pick out some cute accessories such as headbands and barrettes and the like. 

I did really well price wise. The dress she is wearing in the photo I got for $15 at Sears and it came with a matching dress for her doll. The thick sweater I got was $15 as well, but I got some sort of discount on that and only paid a little over $13 with tax at jcpenney (I hate their new way of writing out there name I cringe every time)

The bulk of stuff I bought at The Children's Place. I had a 25% off coupon that was emailed to me (20% tomorrow and 15% on Sunday) They also had a sale on the jeans and I got those for $14 a piece. Some of the other pieces were 30% off as well and they run a lot of sales on tees and tanks. So I ended up paying a little over $150 for a huge amount of stuff! Plus, for every denim item I bought, I got two $5 discount coupons for August. I believe I ended up with about 8 of those! (It's $5 off any purchase over $20)

She has a great eye for fashion and was putting together some really cool outfits. I might go back before school starts and pick up this skirt she fell in love with:|132994_girl|bottoms_girl

Which she wanted to pair with a denim jacket she saw earlier in the evening at Baby Gap and a black tee with red hearts on it that she has at home.

I shot down the idea of that skirt with this:|134780_girl|tanks%20&%20camis_girl

But she kept on about boots similar to these in black|61685|134756_shoes|shoes|casual%20boots_shoes

At first I was really against them. But they don't look that bad on her and the slight heel is so much better on her feet than an absolute flat bottom and they have a pretty structured ankle support as well. Who knows I might give in! She said she would pair them with her skinny jeans and this top:|134801_girl|long%20sleeve%20tops_girl
(which we bought)

Such a little Fashionista. Watching her walk around the store with a determined thoughtful look on her face as she put together different color combinations was such an amazing experience.

It definitely showcased her budding personality and artistic flair. 

She refused to look at anything blue for a long time. But I showed her a knee length denim dress and she finally ventured out to the blue. 


  1. You can get a lot more life out of dresses and skirts that have become a bit too short by pairing them with leggings. Leggings and tights are also a great way to transition summer dresses to fall. When I was nannying Lucy we had issues with dresses always being too short and leggings were a lifesaver.

  2. Yeah, we're definitely going to replenish her legging selection. Not only can we make her dresses and skirts last longer that way but she should be able to transition them into Winter with some heavier leggings and not get too overheated.

    I <3 leggings!


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