Wishful Wednesday: DEATH TO MOSQUITOES

You know for a pretty mild summer, you would think we would NOT have a mosquito issue.


They are everywhere. I seriously think they are plotting a revolt and are going to overthrow our government and institute a new world order.  Where Mosquito and Hyena...wait...wrong story.

Last night, Nate and I were sitting with our neighbors outside and the mosquito army descended to eat anything and everyone in sight.

I came home and sat outside for just a few moments and they saw their chance at taking down the weakling in the herd. I barely made it inside with my life.

Around 1 or 2 this afternoon I walked to the mailbox. 15 bites by the time I got back inside.

Like I said...its a warzone out there.

In an effort to heed the wisdom of the awesome Jeremy Irons,

next time..I'll be prepared.

$10.50 from Plunksoap 

It probably won't work since South Dakota has the mosquitoes from Hell which are immune to all human attempts at ridding themselves of the demon spawn. But I'll try it! Plus such pretty packaging!
And I bet it smells better and is better for you than OFF!

I'll need about a million of these. Hopefully they are a bit on the heavy side so the evil minions of Beelzbub cannot carry them off too easily.

$3.50 from Joan's Garden

My poor dog! She must be getting eaten alive when she goes to do her business. Poor girl
I'm not sure about the idea of a Shampoo bar on a dog her size. But it might work

I have no idea where this is from. I know you can get the pattern off etsy but I don't crochet. Soo anyone know how to make one of these suckers feel free to contact me!

For I want to taunt them...I shall use him as a pin cushion. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU MESS WITH ME BITCHES!!! DIE DIE DIE!

Lets face it. I'm doomed to be mosquito food. I wonder if this would help the million and one bites I've received without making me smell like a medicine cabinet. 
A bit spendy for something I'm not sure will work. So I'm still unsure about it

$10.95 KissMyFace.com

I<3 Kiss My Face. They make some of the most awesome products out there and are Cruelty Free.*
This one is also safe for use on kids! Yay Sami!

If you've never tried KMF Please please please! Try it! They have a sampler set called KMF on Trial which sends you several samples of different products for less than $10.

Try it once and you will be hooked. Trust me.

*Want more information on a Bunny Friendly Bathroom? Visit my friend Rose's blog <---Make with the clicky


  1. thank you for the shout-out!! your blog is so cute, fun, and informative! LOVE!

  2. thanks for the shout-out! your blog is so cute, fun, and informative. LOVE!

  3. thanks for the shout-out! your blog is so cute, fun, and informative. LOVE!


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