Thankful Thursday: Kindle

What a week! I will definitely try to post more once things settle down. I have a lot of blogs sitting in draft right now and I just haven't gotten a chance to finish them (annnd I suck at finishing things)

Is it only Thursday?? Sheesh.

So what am I loving this week? My lip balm has I'm not loving the mess in my bedroom. (But I am off today and hopefully can get some stuff finished around the house...or not)

but until then!!!!!

$189 in Graphite

"ZOMG! I could NEVER use an E-Reader!! I'm a REAL bibliophile. I need to feel the book in my hands. I love the smell of books! I love the looks I get when people see me open a book! I'm better than all E-reader owners!!!!!"

Yeah. I get it. Books are great. I love books. I still buy actual books. I will admit I don't buy nearly as many. Which is good because for a PCS, books add a LOT of weight. Also we have a limited weight allowance.

I love that I can have hundreds of books at my reach when I am out and about, medical appointments, waiting at restaurants, even just at the park. 

I also will read several books at once. So to lug all of them around would make my handbag weigh a ton. Sami has several appointments coming up so I'm thankful to have this loaded with some of my favorite books.

Also, it's a pretty lengthy drive to the nearest bookstore (about 20-30 minutes) so when I see a book I want to read, its so easy to click and be done and be reading minutes later. 

Now that evenings will be a bit more quiet and a bit lonely at times, I will be able to curl up in bed with the pooch and read to my heart's content. 

So! What are YOU thankful for this week?

And for those that are curious, right now I am reading:

James St. James

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