Camping!...well sort of.

One of the fondest memories I have growing up is camping with the family. I probably hated it then, but looking back, it was an amazing experience and made me really appreciate the things my family and I did together.

Even after I left home, I enjoyed packing up and going camping by myself. I loved the solitude (Something so hard to get at times) the quiet and the adventure. While I'm definitely not advocating that for Sami at this age, I really want her to experience camping as a family.

While at the BX* a couple weeks ago, I saw this tent on display for $35. I figured it would be a great gift for Sami and it would be an inexpensive venture into camping.

Since I am off today, I decided last night would be a great time to test how well she does in camping in our backyard. So after work, we went to the BX and picked this up.

Its extremely light. The case it comes in is about 4 inches by 4 inches by about 24 in and weighs no more than 2 lbs. The website claims its 5 ft by 6 ft. Which is quite laughable. Even the poll width is no where near that.

I'm going to estimate the width at 40-44 inches. (inside) and about 65 inches in width.

It was definitely enough room for me and Sami. If we squeezed we could fit Zayta in (Then again Zayta takes up more room than Sami)

I was a bit wary of how Sami would do. But she did so well. We made dinner together and took showers.

We sat outside on the lanai and ate dinner (she had hot dogs and baked beans, with fruit and mashed potatoes Her choice. I had steak)

And then climbed into the tent. Changed into pajamas and cuddled up and watched Princess and the Frog.

We dozed off around 22:30/23:00 She didn't complain once. It was a nice evening in the upper 60's low 70's

I took her inside around 5 am so everyone getting up and leaving for work wouldn't wake her.

But it is definitely something we'll do again!

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  1. Yay for camping! My parents took us camping quite a bit when we were younger and it was always tons of fun. I miss camping so much. One day hopefully I can convince Joseph to go camping again. =)


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