Day 8: Photos from The Homefront

Sami had a rough day today. We were at the squadron preparing for the next wave of deployers when she had the first seizure in a while.

I noticed she curled up on a cement structure and laid quietly for a few moments, after she moved I noticed she had spilled her water and her grasp was a bit slow.

So I kept an eye on her and about half an hour later she got that glazed look and grabbed my hand.

We sat down on the ground and waited for them to pass. After the 3rd one, I decided it was time to bring her home.

We came home and I gave her a shower, put her in a t-shirt of mine and we cuddled on the sofa where she dozed on and off.

Today was going to be pretty busy with cleaning, laundry, yard work and the like. But I think we're going to keep it quiet and rest.

She seems to be doing much better now and has some color and is awake and alert.

She goes to see her neurologist next month. I was hopeful she would get through without more of these, (especially as I was just talking about how it had been awhile since her last one) but we're handling it pretty well!

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  1. Awww poor Sami! Hope she gets to feeling better soon! And hugs for you, I can imagine that'd be scary as a mom!


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