So Freakin' Awesome.

A couple weeks ago, I asked my friend Rose about her 550 Paracord bracelets and where she got them.

She got hers from a friend and suggested I check out

A few minutes later, one of her friends, Becky,  commented on my post that she knew how to make them and would make some for me!

How awesome is that?!?

So I started talking and messaging with her and she got the measurements I needed and everything.

I got them today!!!!!!!!

Aren't those perfect??? Why yes, I am a cheesy person. Get over it.


and mine and Sami's!!! I'm still shocked how close in size mine and Sami's wrists are. 

Sami rockin her 550 bracelet and Sweet Tie Dye from HappyhippieRose

Ohhh!! She made a necklace too! How cool is that???
Sami claimed the necklace and was wearing it for most of the morning...

until I noticed something strange

Zayta totally stole the necklace!

She loves it. And totally rocks the AF blue and gold.

Aim high, Z. Aim high.

(That's not even the Air Force recruiting motto anymore is it?

ETA: Technically it sort of still is!

From Wikipedia: as of October 7, 2010, considered a call and response, "Aim high" followed with the response, "Fly-Fight-Win"

I'm so thankful for Becky. She totally made my day :)

Thanks Becky!!!! You rock! And should totally open a shop!

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