Wishful Wednesday: Positive vibes

Sami is scheduled for an electrocardiogram this afternoon as well as an appointment with her pediatrician.

We aren't extremely concerned, but during her seizures her neurologist noticed some heart rates of concern. Lately, her heart rate has been a bit erratic while at rest. So this is simply follow up on the previous issues she's been having and just to make sure things are still looking good. I expect we'll repeat this for a while in the same way we've been doing repeat Electroencephalograms to keep an eye on seizure activity. 

While I know it is just a routine test and it won't hurt her at all, she doesn't react well to these things. Mostly because while I try to explain it to her, she is still extremely nervous and gets a bit cranky when electrodes are being attached to her.

So, what am I wishful today? Positive vibes for good results. A happy and healthy child and the strength to get through it and be strong for her. Because like every overprotective parent, I get freaked out when there are things I can't fix for her.


  1. ::goodvibes:: for you and your little one! I can only imagine how scary it must be to go through that.

  2. Good luck to both of you! I'm sending you hugs!

  3. Thanks, girls! It means a lot to know people are out there!

  4. It'll be ok. I have faith. *hugs to you and Sami*


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