So I let Z out this morning, and she was being awfully quiet. She had been out for about 45 minutes when I heard Barky (The neighbor's not his real name) barking up a storm.

Now usually this means a leaf moved or he saw his shadow. But I decided to check it out. Walked to Sami's playroom where there is a window overlooking the backyard....and I saw this.

Zayta isn't usually a chewer. She's usually a VERY good dog. But her one weakness is a water hose. I didn't even think about it when I let her out as I was in the middle of work and my mind was elsewhere.

So, today commemorates the death of our hose. I'll have to get a new one (or two) tomorrow when I get a chance to get out and about.

Oh how I love this dog.

She definitely feels badly. I yelled at her from the window and as soon as she saw me she looked down guiltily and laid on top of the chewed hose.

She is such a brat at times. But when she gives me this look I can't help but melt and feel bad.

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